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Just One Buddy 

Yesterday I wrote a post for our Facebook and Instagram pages about sending Lu off to her first day of school. It was definitely a heartfelt purge after I had sobbed all the way home and to be honest I’m still a LITTLE teary...I’m pulling it together now though (haha!1). Basically, I just wrote about how hard it is for us parents to send our kids off for the first day, how extra hard it is when our kids have “extra” whatever’s, how this year she really is going to be challenged - but these challenges are…

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Chicken Pox and Kindergarten Graduation 

     Unbelievably, with what has to be the worst timing ever, Vi has come down with Chicken Pox.  I am completely blown away by this because she was vaccinated and I honestly didnt think that kids got them any more.  Welp.  Turns out, they do.  Just to a lesser degree than WE did and apparently you dont rub your kids on other kids to infect them anymore ”like in the olden days when my mom was a kid” as Vi has been telling people.  She is handling it like a caged lion.  She‘s not itchy or uncomfortable in…

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“Down Syndrome” isnt a bad word. 

Its that time of year again!!  Rock your socks for World Down Syndrome day!!!  By this time you all probably know why its 3/21 but if you forgot, this day was chosen because Down Syndrome occurs when there is 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.  So we are three (and a little bit) years in to our journey with DS now and whats really been on my mind lately is that Down Syndrome is not a bad word.  You dont need to say it in hushed tones or with a sad or confused or embarrassed look on your face.  There is…

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