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Crazytown News!

Thanks for your interest in having us come play!  This page should give you all the info that you need, but if you have any questions just contact and we'll work it out.  You can find our songs on the music page.

Here are the shows we offer:

The Pretty Crazies and the Daddy Jam Band -  

This is our big fun concert with our original songs.  The show typically lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.  We bring our own equipment,  props (usually bubbles, a bubble machine, scarves...things like that) and our backdrop (8'x8').  We are able to play outside and really anywhere as long as there is electricity for us to plug into. 

~Our current rate is $300 plus travel expenses (to be discussed at time of booking) for anywhere an hour or more from Dover, De. 

The Pretty Crazies - 

Just us girls!  (Or just Mom if the girls are in school).  We do our original songs with our recorded tracks. We can still bring all the fun stuff (backdrop, props, equipment) and this show runs half an hour to 45 minutes at the most.

~Our current fee is $100 plus a travel fee of $50+ (to be discussed at time of booking) for anywhere an hour or more from Dover, DE.


School Programs-

We are in the process of creating a super fun and inspirational show  that includes five of our most popular songs and centers around social and emotional well-being.  Please contact us if you are interested in this and we can let you know how it’s progressing.  We are working with school counselors to get it just right!

More Alike Than Different - 

This program is great anytime but especially around March 21st (World Down Syndrome Day / Rock your socks day) or in October for Down Syndrome awareness month.  We talk with the kids about how every one has things that are the same as well as things that are different but that the things that are different make us unique and cool.  We highlight amazing people born with Down Syndrome who are doing awesome things in the world (ie swimming the English Channel, getting their doctorates, running their own businesses, actors, models, designers etc etc etc) and how just because it might be harder for some people to do things than others doesn't mean it can't be done.  Which we think is an awesome message for everyone.  We use our friend Gail Hamblins book More Alike Thank Different (which can be found on Amazon) as well as our song by the same title.  

*For more information on these programs and to discuss bigger ways we can help share the love in your school please contact us.  These programs look different for every school and the fee is tailored to what we do at your school.  We are passionate about inclusion and love and encouraging our communities to be the best places to be.  We hope you will have us come share these special songs with you!*  

Once we have confirmed your booking we will send you our One Pager, our logo and any reviews/testimonials you may be interested in sharing to help promote our event via email.  Thanks again for your interest and we cant WAIT to come see you!!!