Where do we even begin??? Begin again.

Its been a LONG time since I sat down and tried to write a piece for this part of the website.  Like SO long.  I had a goal that I would just write a little something every week or so.  That I would drop the girls off at school, come home and sit down to share something crazy or to work on some songs, edit a new podcast episode (that we would have recorded earlier in the week) or maybe work on our new letter...update our socials....all the things.  NONE of that has happened.  Well at least not with any sort of regularity.  I don't need to go through how ridiculous this year has been.  We have all been experiencing it to varying degrees.  For the most part, I don't really have anything to complain about.  I am a stay at home mom anyway, my husbands job is just as secure and good as it always has been.  We live a fun, comfortable life. We don't have any underlying health issues.  We took a few bonus trips because we had the time.  We spent lots of quality time together.  We only got to do a few shows, but the ones we did were SUPER fun and it felt so good to see our friends and sing and dance and do our thing.  We got to live stream from our house for a few shows, TV shows, did some interviews....

But it was a major roller coaster.  We have had major meltdowns.  ALL of us.  We have drank way too much wine (just me) The girls have struggled with what I would definitely call depression...watching the ways that manifests itself in five and eight year olds is interesting but mostly just really sad.  Its been HARD.  I mean, while I'm trying to write this - because I feel like I really should - the girls are zoom schooling and there is so much chaos and noise and different conversations and questions that its nearly impossible to do anything at all.  While I had hoped that this would be the perfect time for us to do all the Pretty Crazies things that I have been dreaming about and dabbling in, it just wasn't.  Being together 24/7 was not inspiring.  We did NOT want to move ourselves from our zoom school places together into the podcast recording closet together.  We didn't want to work on new songs together.  We even lost the interest in cooking and making silly videos together.  For us, there has just been way too much together time, and too little structure.  We are not really self motivated people here in Crazytown.  We thrive on outside stimuli, peer modeling (for Lu).  We love to perform. We are social.  

SO all of this is to say THANKS!!!  Thanks for staying interested in what we are doing when we actually do something.  Thanks for coming to the shows, checking out our pages, asking when the next "thing" is coming out.  For being our friends. 

In a VERY rare moment of quiet the other day when the girls were in bed and Jesse was camping, the new puppy was sleeping (yep, we finally got the puppy!!!!) and I could just THINK, I realized that these next two months were just not going to be any more productive than the last eight or so have been, and that in order to salvage whats left of 2020, in these next couple months that are my absolute favorite, I was going to need to cut myself some slack and let it go (I have been singing that to myself for motivation lately!!)  SO we are taking a hiatus.  I'm not even going to try to pretend that we are going to do a podcast, send out the November or December newsletters, we aren't going to release a Christmas album - we aren't going to release ANY album!  

What we ARE going to do is think and plan and talk and pray about what we REALLY want to do for 2021.  Take the pressure off to do all the things NOW and regroup.  I had started this year out SO optimistic and excited for all the things that we had planned, but those were MY plans.  Clearly God has had something else in mind for this year and CLEARLY only HE knows what it is.  I have held tightly and confidently through all this mess to the knowledge that Gods plans are ALWAYS better than mine and that His ways are ALWAYS better than mine.  We can't see the big picture.  I'm glad I have faith.  It hasn't made this a walk in the park by any means, but again, when I can get a moment to think and clear my head and listen, I know that its all under control.  So I'm letting it go.  Letting it go so that I can create again, so that we an have fun together again with out trying to turn our fun into "work".  Letting it go so that we can enjoy this amazing Fall season, Thanksgiving, Christmas....and then ROCK IT OUT for 2021!!!!

SO stick with us, check in on our pages when you are on your socials...you never know, maybe something new will be there.  I mean it literally is CRAZY all the time - especially now with the puppy - but its not always FUN crazy - haha!!  We love you all and we hope that you all are healthy and happy or finding your way to health and happiness.  God's got this.  We just need to let it go and begin again.  

Stay Crazy.


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  • Cathi Hunt
    Cathi Hunt Dover
    So wise! I love all of this!

    So wise! I love all of this!

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