Our newest project - Letting our weird light shine bright!!!

We are in the beginning stages of creating a show.  A TV show.  An HOUR LONG, once weekly TV show...that will probably also be on You Tube - because thats how kids watch "TV" now - and we will put it on our website too.  I wanted to share my "why".

I (we) are doing this because there is a big empty space in the entertainment land for kids that is encouraging, uplifting, fun, funny, educational and GOOD.  My kids watch the most ridiculous things these days.  We don't let them watch things that are BAD of course, but they are just silly.  Or weird.  There is not a lot out there for my self described pre-teen (she is NINE! I'm not rushing this but that is how she sees herself so...) that she thinks are cool.  I love Mr. Rogers.  I LOVE what his mission was.  I love that he wanted kids to legit FEEL the love pouring from the TV set.  He wanted to encourage their imaginations, their acceptance of EVERYONE they met, he didn't shy away from things that were hard, kids with differences or things that could be scary.  He embraced them, talked about them, exposed kids to them.  One of my favorite things that I read that he said - and I'm paraphrasing - was that he wanted to make Christian values acceptable and seen on public television.  He never outright said things that were "christian" but 100% God's love exploded through the tv screens to everyone who watched.  That was actually his prayer.  That is mine too.

I want to be like him.  But a modern, updated, less "little" kid centered version of him.  We want to have a cool show that kids want to tune in to.  We are going to have dance lesson segments that will teach kids some fun dance moves that aren't trashy.  Then we will incorporate them into our song of the week that the band and I will play.  We will feature our friends who do cool things in the community.  We will introduce you to our friends that are created EXTRA special.  Kids with unique things like Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy...kids in wheel chairs or other things that they were born with that make them different but cool.

We want to highlight awesome places in Delmarva, where we live.  Places that are beautiful or interesting.  Places that you can take your kids to experience nature or whatever.  

We want to share our crazy in the kitchen.  Cook healthy stuff, encourage kids to take care of their bodies inside and out.  We also loooooooove treats and we know that balance in life is key!!!  

I believe that God gives everyone unique skills and talents and life experiences that he wants us to use to encourage and uplift others and further his purpose here on earth.  In Your Own Little Way.  One of our songs...DEFINITELY one of our missions!  We here over in Crazytown were born to entertain.  Its funny to me sometimes how I will share stuff that went on in our day, the crazy or whatever, things that were maybe even a little embarrassing...and people will send me messages about how it brightened their day, made them smile or laugh when they really needed it or just gave them strength to deal with their own craziness.  That makes me SO happy and so encouraged.  Reminds me that my "previous life" in the entertainment industry was not for nothing.  Its to use NOW, in a new way that I had never thought I would be doing.

This is a big project.  There is a LOT more to creating a show for real (not just throwing out videos on You Tube) and doing it WELL than I thought.  I'm writing and sharing this post partly for accountability.  Its something that I really feel that we are called to do.  Something that I REALLY feel is missing out there in the world for kids (and families) and something that I feel like WE, The Pretty Crazies, are called and created to do.  

Thats my WHY for this.  

I hope that you all will follow this adventure with us, that you'll tune in and watch, that you'll honestly let us know what you think and that you'll let us know what you want to see next!

Be blessed and stay crazy!


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