Not really sure where this is going to go but......

This is a bit "stream of consciousness" right now....

Do you all realize that we have been doing THIS for a YEAR now?!??!?  That is rhetorical obviously (enter eye rolling emoji).  But it REALLY hit me HARD just now as I was doing some housekeeping stuff for our website and podcasts.  Its been a YEAR since we did our last podcast episode.  We only did two so its not like its THAT big of a loss...but I think its kind of telling about how hard this really has been.  We have been in our home - where we do the podcast, write the songs, record the songs, make the videos, write the blog posts...all the things - and yet we have really not accomplished that much.  We even dropped out of public school - more on that later - which would have given us even MORE free time to do our thing.  But we haven't.  And I think the reason is because there is not a single thing that is inspiring us.  And everyone is depressed.  I mean, we are HERE.  In our HOMES.  With the same people, the same stuff...its not inspiring in the least.    Our very first (yep, again, of TWO) episode was about us getting a puppy at some point.  Well.... the puppy was conceived, grew, was born, grew more, we got her and now she's 6 months old and is STILL growing!!! Its been a looooooooong time.  

I'm not really sure where I am even going with this.  It just feels like I need to say SOMETHING.  We loooooove our Pretty Crazies stuff.   I am really bummed out about our lack of shows, motivation etc.  We like sharing our lives and our crazy.  But it really is hard to get inspired when you don't really leave the house.  Its really hard to connect with people when we can't REALLY connect with people.  I truly believe that one of the reasons that things are SO crazy and divided right now in our country is because we are all staying at home behind our screens only talking to, reading, watching and interacting with people we already know or already agree with.  OR we are getting all riled up and "anonymously" yelling and hating people who dare to think differently.  Part of our whole thing is to get to know people who are different from you.  Well, THATS not happening right now.  Another part is being a nice person....ALSO not happening right now.  We are mad, sad, scared, lonely....all the negative feelings.  Those things don't make mentally healthy people who are able to deal with life.  My oldest is unintentionally bullying and harassing people because she's so desperate to TALK to her friends... and when they don't immediately answer her messages/texts she freaks out.  Yes, part of that is definitely our fault for not having more of a sit down, rules of cyberland convo with her before we gave her the phone, we are now, but it is breaking my heart to watch my two very social girls who are so full of love and fun and goodness crashing and burning this way.

We need to MAKE a change.  

Its Lent.  The 40 days before Easter when we give something up to focus more on God.  The last couple of years I have been ADDING something.  I've been adding a devotional or a book (The Purpose Driven Life usually) or something like that.  This year, I am going to add HEALTH.  Mental health, physical health, spiritual health.   Health for our community.  Starting where we are  - in our house - with what we've got, doing what we can to make OUR world a better place.  That quote- if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.  Well, that's really hitting me lately.  My little humans, my husband and myself...we need to be healthy and happy so that we can SHARE the happy again with our community.  I feel like its my calling to do this sort of entertaining outreach.  I can't do it if I'm not healthy and inspired.  I can't encourage people to be strong and open minded if I'm not.  So.... I guess where all this is going....I bring to you 40 days of Crazy.  Yikes. 

40 days of working to be better people.  To share God's love and the beautiful way He created people.  The way He loves and accepts unconditionally.  40 days to share our gifts and talents, thoughts and crazy with you all in hopes that we inspire you to go and find and do YOUR thing to make the world a better place and be who God created you to be.  

I'm not at all sure what this is going to look like, but everyday for the next 40 days, there will be SOMETHING from us.  Hopefully, as my pastor Dad used to say, whether because of us or in spite of us, you'll find yourself and your crew in a better place because of something we have shared.  


Stay tuned, and stay crazy!!

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  • Cathi Hunt
    Cathi Hunt Dover, DE
    I love all of this (as much as you can love something that we all HATE)! And I love you guys! Here's to 40 days and many more my friend ❤

    I love all of this (as much as you can love something that we all HATE)! And I love you guys! Here's to 40 days and many more my friend ❤

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