Here we go again...let me introduce us!

I love fresh starts.  I love Mondays and the 1st of the month, I love NYE SO MUCH.  I love clean slates.  I LOVE when a Monday is the first day of the month, thats my favorite.  But, here it is at almost the end of January, and I guess TODAY is the new start.  "Every day is a new day with no mistakes in it". Right Anne of Green Gables fans?!??!?  

We aren't going to rehash anything.  We aren't going to complain about how sucky things have been.  We are starting fresh.  New website, new band members (Welcome to Tim!!!) new goals.  We are growing up (Vi is now 10 and Lu is 7!!!) and that means that our focus is changing too.  Our sound is changing.  We are still laser focussed on sharing the messages of love, inclusion and being who you are.  That will never change.  But there's new stuff.  Older kiddos, bigger "things".  

Over these last couple of years, but really last couple of months for SURE, my heart has been aching for change.  For our kids.  Especially our middle school aged kids.  Its such a hard stage anyway but it has been made even worse by the isolation and craziness.  We KNOW that social media is not good at all for our kids.  THIS space is social media FREE.  You will not find links to our socials or YouTube etc here.  

I want to create a community.  I want actual reality.  I want kids to feel so loved and so confident and so grounded that there are no more bullies - or that at very least there will  be an army of awesome kids to stop the bullies that remain.  I want that for adults too.  We adults are examples for these kids.  They ARE doing what WE ARE doing.  They are just mirrors.  

Life is hard.  The bible says that in this life you WILL have problems.  BUT there is hope and it doesn't have to THAT bad.  God is LOVE.  His plan and his ways are bigger and better than we can imagine.  He created us to do big things for HIM.  

Our mission here is to spread the love and rock out.  To entertain and encourage our community - through us or inspite of us hahahha!!!  We are loading up for our podcasts again.  We are cultivating a team of tweens to help us really focus on whats going on in their worlds and what matters.  We've got SO MANY big plans....just stay tuned and stay with us!  

This little blog spot right here is my stream of consciousness writing.  I don't really think about it, it just spills out.  So thanks for sticking with me!!  The website is coming together piece by piece and eventually its going to be an app too.  I would encourage you to sign up for our mailing list (once that is available) because thats where you will get all the info about where we will be performing and new things that we have going on.  

Thanks for being with us here in Crazytown.