You dont have to go far, just start where you are, and make a your own little way!

From our song “In Your Own little way”

These are Crazy times for sure, lets stay connected!

The Pretty Crazies

Hi!  We are Amy (Mom), Vianna (Crazy#1, age 9) and Lucia (Crazy #2, age 6) and we are The Pretty Crazies!  We chose our name because things are pretty crazy in our house ALL THE TIME!!!  Its fun though.  We started out just writing songs for fun about all the stuff that we like and do, but then one day our friend was writing a book about Down syndrome (Lu is rocking the extra chromosome so DS is a big part of our lives!) and asked if we would write a song to go along with it.  We of course said YES and we wrote the song More Alike Than Different.  We got such a fantastic response from that song, and were so excited to hear kids singing along, that we realized that we could do more with our songs than just entertain.  We started writing songs about being a good friend, loving yourself just the way you are, doing whats right and all kinds of other things that kids go though (as well as all our fun songs about goats and glitter!!).  We LOVE inspiring AND entertaining and we truly feel like its our job to share the messages of love and inclusion and doing the right thing with our community and everyone we are blessed to come in contact with.  Its not always easy, and we are definitely NOT perfect...BUT we try and we are fun!!!  So if you are looking for entertainment and encouragement and hopefully a little inspiration, you've come to the right place!  

We are joined in the fun by The Daddy Jam Band - they make our songs ROCK and we are so grateful that they are with us on the mission.  They are Dan Robinson, Brad Whitenight and Tim Plimpton and  it just wouldn't be the same with out them.

We love to come to parties and to help bring crazy fun to great causes so please contact us if you are interested in having us come play. Thanks so much for checking us out and we hope you will join us in Crazytown!   

Be blessed and stay crazy!