Amy Spampinato (Leader of the Crazies)


I have been a performer my whole life.  Actress/musician/voice artist/print etc , but it wasnt until Crazy#1 was born that I really found my true passion.  I LOVE being a mommy!!  It’s hands down the hardest thing I have ever done but I love each crazy minute.  I started writing songs for Vi just based on what was going on in our lives.  She loved them, I loved singing them with her, I LOVED when she sang them to herself and I loved that our friends and family liked them too.  When Lu was born she joined the fun and we just kept writing and singing and having fun.  When my dear friend asked it I could write a song for her children’s book I said yes of course and More Alike Than Different was born.  Because of that song I have realized that what I want to do more than anything else with our music is to share messages of love and inclusion and good values and little lessons with my girls especially, but also with anyone else who hears them. Music is magical for teaching an helping kids remember things - adults too!  I hope you like our songs, I hope you think they are fun and that you are encouraged by them.  Please share!  


Sometimes we are joined by THE DADDY JAM BAND!!!  A group of awesome guys who help us rock out!  They are:

Dan Robinson - drums, percusion

Chris Boyles - guitars

Brad Whitenight - bass, piano etc

They are awesome musicians and we LOVE having them with us in Crazytown!!

Welcome to CRAZYTOWN!

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The Pretty Crazies


You can listen to all our stuff on SoundCloud too!  We love posting silly things that we record as well as new stuff that we are working on and just haven't taken to the studio yet.  Check it out!!